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 should be safe for work    grandma approved!
this may be a safe for work web site.
no nudity, yes alcohol imagery.
if it's ok to surf the web at work,
you could be ok.*
2016 2015: spring/fall 2014

 * your 'at work' experience on this web site is beyond our control.
we can not guarantee PG rated content, as our PG may differ from someone else's PG.
use your own judgment and some common sense as to how, when, and where
you view this site, as well as those that may view you viewing it.
only you are responsible for any negative outcome.
if you are dominated by political correctness, bail now, as there will no doubt be
something that some whiny stick-up-the-ass humorless jerk will find offensive.
wait till you get home and check out the R rated pages.